Monday, July 31, 2006

Overdue Bill

Socking the employers of illegal workers with criminal charges is A-OK by me.

Even if such serious enforcement is oh, a couple of decades overdue, and doesn't address, apparently, all employers of illegal help (yes, that means you, individual citizens, though I'd try fines in your case, which didn't work for actual business but might in this arena).

As for this:
“It’s a very uneasy feeling,” said Sister Teresa Ann Wolf, a Roman Catholic nun who works with immigrant workers in Canton, Ohio. “People are afraid to leave the house to go to the store. They are afraid to come to church.”

Is this supposed to upset me? Well, it doesn't. That's part of the point of such enforcement--making it very uncomfortable to do an end run around the legal immigration process and, in fact, to "disencent" such illegal behavior.

If illegal immigrants don't want to have to look over their shoulders, they have a couple of options. (Need I spell them out?)

Just as we do: Enforce the laws or change them. Anything else is dishonest, unjust and destructive.