Friday, July 28, 2006

Sweet Home Crawford Texas

I see that Cindy Sheehan has reached the giddy stage of her "fast," based on her girlish gushing about the home-away-from-home she just bought to accommodate all those people who want to "join" the president whenever he vacations in Crawford, Texas.
Our new property is in town and literally right around the corner from the
Peace House. It is a beautiful, wooded 5 acres of land that will be ideal
for our expanding peace population and for hosting our growing family. We
are looking forward to being good neighbors in Crawford whenever we are
there and we are looking forward to having good neighbors, also.
Crawford is a beautiful place and Camp Casey has made it even lovelier. I
feel so at home there. When I am able to return, I feel a renewal and
resurgence of energy and hope. The sunrises and sunsets and star-lit nights
are breathtaking and there is nothing like a cool (if rare) Crawford evening
breeze to dry off the sweat and sweeten the soul.

At last! Something on which Sheehan and President Bush might actually agree--well, except for the part about Camp Casey part, no doubt.

Maybe after the president leaves office, Sheehan can turn her new little corner of paradise into a New Age day spa and weekend-getaway destination spot. Her "expanding peace community" would surely be a ready-made labor pool of appropriate talents, and of course she already knows her way around organic juice-'n-smoothie bars. Her friend Hugo Chavez could jet in for the grand opening, and maybe even bring one of the buddies or two he's in the process of cultivating--Belarus' Alexander Lukashenko jumps to mind as a perfect example of someone who could use a restorative break from the burdens of dictatorship. Heck, perhaps even Kim Jong-il could convince his people to spare him for a few days of renewal.

Don't think she should bother to send a complimentary pass to Laura Bush, though. Or most of her new neighbors, either.