Thursday, September 21, 2006

Avert Your Eyes

[posted by Callimachus]

Every now and then while surfing through a site like Memorandum I get suckered into clicking on one of the big Democratic/left bloggers. Usually it's with some sense of impending horror, as in this post, which I read to learn whether the supremely important Matthew Yglesias really couldn't get the name of Iran's president right. Apparently, he couldn't. [But after all, all those other world leaders don't really matter. The only thing that matters is Bush.]

And when I read them, I usually compound the error by reading the comments. That's where I learn about the people who have a much, much more coherent and informed view of the realities of the modern world than us war criminal neo-cons.

And here I meet comments such as these:

What are Ahmadinejad's politics, Petey?

I kinda seem him as the rock that broke the nose of the most idiotic leader our country has had. ...


My feeling is that anyone being smeared by the morons who got us into Afghanistan and Iraq can't be all that bad...


Kinda reminds me of Bush and the rest of the planet right now. Every black eye and blow we receive is cheered by quite a few people. I can't say as I look back any of the bullies I remember from the past ever turned out OK. Sociopaths are a pretty tough group to cure of their pathologies.


Bush looked a lot crazier and scarier than Ahmadinejad. The guy just doesn't come across as the scary lunatic the neocons are trying to portray him as.

I agree that Chavez has an entertaining style. Speaking at the UN, he dramatically said that "el diablo" had been at the lecturn the day before, crossed himself, then said he could still smell the sulphur. It was hilarious. Also, I read an article about him a while back in the Atlantic. If I remember correctly, it was mentioned that Chavez sometimes refers to Bush as the devil, but usually just calls him shithead.


Bush is the devil and he dresses like shite. There, I said it. I'd much rather have Chavez or even Ama-whatsit running this country. Look at the profile of the U.S. since Bush took over- down, down, down. Look at the profiles of Iran & Venezuela- all up arrows.

Any questions?


No "Rite Wankers" allowed. This was a light-hearted post about the leader of Iran, not some kind of political screed. So what, the guy looks cool, and at least he represents his country well. Our "president" makes us look like a bunch of buffoons, um, because he IS a buffoon.

Maybe we can get a real leader next time that could be seen in the same hallway with Kofi Annan and not look like a retard.

Chavez wiped the floor of the UN with Bush. It's a fact.


At this point a disapproving link from Instapundit came in and, as someone posted, had the effect of lifting a rock and letting the sun shine on what was going on under it.

People seem to forget that if someone wants to kill you, just maybe you might have done something to piss them off a little bit? Maybe you should figure out what that thing is, and I don't know, stop doing it? Or maybe rather than arming yourself to the teeth and killing everyone in your path in "self defense", you should sit down with this guy, and ask, "Why are you so mad at me?" It's called diplomacy, and it's a word that most righties seem to have forgotten the meaning, or existence of.

Also, apparently being witty, charming and well-dressed gets you respect and approval on the world stage. Bush should try it. I've certainly learned that being stupid, looking like a monkey and pissing the whole world off just gets you a boat load of trouble.


So are you saying that looking like a monkey is an advantage? I think not. Imagine sitting across the table from this guy as another world leader, as Bush bumbles, fumbles, mumles and stumbles. It would be a joke! Chavez is only pointing out the obvious, and it looks like it finally took a non-American to have the balls to say it. Many in this country have certainly been on the case since even before the "election" of '00, but when Hugo Chavez talks, people listen. When our president talks, people protect their dictionaries' ears.

I'm ashamed to say it, but the emperor was shown to be clothes-free yesterday at the U.N. If Chavez has the guts, and humor, to inform the world, then more power to him. If Amadinijad feels threatened by the U.S., who wouldn't? If you lived in Iran you'd be calling for nukes just to protect you from America. Unfortunately we citizens of America have nothing to protect us.

Democrats in '08, that's all I can say. For our sake.


I'm not saying that Bush is Hitler, I'm just saying he has certain, shall we say, Hitler-like qualities I could do without. Kind of like the difference between eating a can of straight anchovies and having an anchovy pizza. Now the pizza isn't anchovies, but it does have a certain unmistakable anchovy aftertaste...

But please, do go on Bush men (and ladies, but I have a feeling there are no ladies here). You amuse me.


If Venezuela and Iran can have shrewd, savvy presidents, why can't we?


Instapundit readers: You are all a bunch of stupid pussies. George Bush has been raping you up the ass for 5 years, while Glenn Reynolds has been egging him on. He's like your pimp, except when the john slaps you around, unlike a real pimp he doesn't do anything, just counts his money.