Saturday, October 21, 2006


[Posted by reader_iam]

What I don't understand is why anyone could be surprised that "no man has ever said anything about this."

By the way, is that statement of mine itself sexist?

Now, being a child of my times, the AP photo instantly put me in mind of this:

(And just to confirm, for all time, that I can have a really stupid sense of humor, this...

...made me laugh myself silly, when I stumbled upon it while searching for the first video clip.)

Both tastelessness and silliness aside (or not!), don't you think it would have been funny if those urinals had featured a stream-activated doohickey to launch the playing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show theme song? Or better yet, samples of various songs from the flick? Oooh, baby:

I can make you a man, so touch-a toucha- touch-a me: I wanna be dirty! Hot patootie--bless my soul!--you sweet transvestite, you.

Update: Commenter Tommy provides this appropriate link to Gothamist in response to this post.

I note that a commenter on that 2004 Gothamist post pointed out that the urinal was designed by a woman, Meike van Schijndel, who talked about controversy over her design in an interview here.

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