Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Council Winners Catch-Up

[posted by Callimachus]

Catching up on Watchers Council winners for the week of Nov. 17.

It was the week after the mid-term election, as you can tell by the titles of the winning posts.

First place within the council went to The March of Folly by Joshuapundit.

Also getting votes were The Politics of Iraq by American Future; You’ve Caught the Firetruck. Now What? by The Glittering Eye (certainly the best post-title on this topic); The Slaughter of the Moderates by Right Wing Nut House; and Don't Cry For Me Bangalore by AbbaGav.

Outside the council, the winner was Why Intellectuals Love Defeat by Josh Manchester at TCS Daily. He builds his post around the work of Wolfgang Schivelbusch; I have my gripes with Schivelbusch, but this is a good post.

Votes also went to Have You a Daughter? by Reconquista, an interesting experiment in statistics; Zenpundit's pause to remember the otherwise-largely-overlooked anniversary of Kristallnacht; Canker for Picking on Islam?; Michael J. Totten for A Perfect Storm? and It's Jerusalem They Want (Chicago edition) by Boker tov, Boulder!