Friday, November 24, 2006

An Environmental Catastrophe

[posted by Callimachus]

A bid to ban ocean-bottom trawling fails in the United Nations.

Fishing boats that drag giant nets along the sea floor can be as destructive as they are effective, wiping out creatures and habitats while scooping up everything in their path, according to a National Academy of Sciences report in 2002.

Why, damn that George W. Bush and his cabal of corporate ... er, what? You don't say. Hmmm. Well, damn, I guess you can't blame this on the Americans.

Iceland and Russia, along with China and South Korea, resisted a proposed ban that had the backing of President Bush and U.S. allies such as Britain, Norway, Australia and New Zealand.

It's a genuine catastrophe for the oceans of the world. Now, do you think you'll see signs of protest on the streets of foreign capitals when the head of Iceland or Russia visits? Do you think you'll see their flags decorated with death's heads? Neither do I. And I wonder why.

Does anyone in Jakarta even know how to make an Icelandic flag?