Thursday, November 09, 2006

Santorum's Daughter

[posted by Callimachus]

Perhaps many of you have seen the news photos from Rick Santorum's concession speech Tuesday night, showing his 8-year-old daughter Sarah Maria breaking down in tears.

Now, I don't care how offended you are by anything Santorum has said. Or voted for. Or not said.

Little girls are off limits. Period. If they want to dress like they want to dress, you leave them alone. If they love a doll that doesn't look right to you, you leave them alone. And if they cry in a tense and traumatic moment in front of cameras -- you leave them alone.

That message got lost on our friends on the left. A random Technorati search of "Santorum daughter" this evening leads through the sewer:

I want to find Santorum's concession speech on Youtube so I can masturbate to the sight of his daughter weeping.


We are FTW, Rumsfeld stepped down, and Rick Santorum's daughter has an American Girl doll that she dresses the same as and brings to political rallies. And then cries when her creepy daddy loses.


I don't understand some people.


A digression, but I had to post this picture because it's plain hilarious. The rabidly anti-gay U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) lost his seat in the senate. This could have been a Norman Rockwell picture.

Santorum looks like he had just emerged from a long weekend of glory hole pleasure.The son looks like he's about to be hit by a truck, and the fact that the younger daughter is dressed like her doll makes me giggle. Were they dressing her like that to appeal to the Amish vote or something? ... sigh. this picture made for real laugh out loud at my desk at lunch. ohmigod. perfection.


Last night’s highpoint came while watching Santorum’s bawling daughter wring the stuffing out of her Cabbage Patch Kid (above) as her daddy gave up the ghost in Pennsylvania.


Man, I haven't taken this much pleasure in the suffering of a small child in days.


Someone's started a caption contest.


what is wrong with this girl? she was annoying the shit out of me when i was watching him concede last night. she kept crying and moaning and being a fucking brat while her father kept thanking god. guess what, honey, you're dad is a hateful man and he lost. get over it.

and why the hell is she holding that doll? she looks way too old for a doll. especially one that looks just like her mother.


This is probably really mean, but in the paper this morning I saw a picture of Rick Santorum with his family as he was giving his concession speech. His young daughter was clutching a doll and crying. I shouldn't hate Santorum's family, and I don't, but I do hate him. As a result, I couldn't help but stare at that picture of that little girl crying, smile, and wish she grows up to be a lesbian. Wouldn't that be amazing? What would Santorum do then?


As Sen. Rick Santorum consoles his doughy, Amish-looking daughter and her doll "Goodwife,"


My favorite moment of the evening (above) is the unseating of Sen. Rick Santorum. His daughter is crying because now there is no one left to stop the homosexuals. Moments later, her fears were realized when she was sodomized and forced to have several abortions by illegal immigrants.


What was with the creepy stage-managed Santorum concession — especially the scary younger daughter crying on cue, wearing the carefully selected all-American Little House on the Prairie gingham coordinates, and carrying a doll wearing the same outfit? What consultant costumed these people for this appearance? And were they trying to make her look 5 years old to illicit more sympathy? Creepy.

[C - I limited myself to actual posts for this one, avoiding the really and truly ugly stuff, which was in the comments. But this post had only one comment, and it was this:]

... This probably makes us horrible people, but we were totally making fun of the Santorum offspring this morning at work for hysterics-fest during his concession speech. Seriously, we were howling with laughter over it.