Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Council Winners

[posted by Callimachus]

Watchers Council winners for the week ending Dec. 8 have been posted.

First place within the council went to On Negotiating with Iran and Syria -- Part II a broad and thorough look by American Future at the worst idea James Baker ever proposed.

Also getting votes were How to Lose Support for a War by The Glittering Eye; Dennis Prager Dead Wrong On Ellison & Koran by Rhymes With Right; Suspending Disbelief In Oregon by The Education Wonks; Who Loses from right here, and Hiding Behind the Wall... by Joshuapundit.

Outside the Council, first place went to "Come for the Egalitarianism, Stay for the Bestiality and Tyranny" by Dr. Sanity.

Votes also went to History's End, History's Beginning by The Adventures of Chester, based on an article in the National Journal which speculates on what will succeed U.S. hegemony on the world stage.

Other votes went to Put Your Hand in the Puppet Head by A Crafty Madness, Democrats, Terrorists and 'Brotherly Way' in World Defense Review, Defending the 17th (Amendment, that is) by Baseball Crank, and The Militarization of the Police at The QandO Blog, which raises a red flag on a trend that might be overlooked in the outrage over federal detention policies, but which might be in the long run far more destructive of American liberties:

I noted yesterday, while discussing the anti-liberty aspects of the "War on Drugs" that some of the tools, such as 'no knock warrants' speak more of police state tactics than those of a nation worried about civil liberties. The militarization of the police forces around the country also lend to anti-liberty tendencies because they create forces within those departments whose operational tactics are exactly like those Reynolds describes - they act like soldiers.

Votes also went to The Biggest Gang In Iraq by Global Guerrillas, and my nominee, Memo to Grand Imam Tantawi by The Big Pharaoh.