Saturday, December 16, 2006

pls pharaphrase-obviously stolen from Web

[Posted by reader_iam]

Geist highlights some Lesser-Known Editing and Proofreading Marks, some of which would be invaluable if converted into blogging-friendly symbols. In addition to the symbol for the widespread practice highlighted in this post title, I especially like the "pls revisit your politics" and "you wish" marks.

Also fun is this list of new "snappy book-related terms":
...Chabonics: A tragicomical use of language, named after Michael Chabon, award-winning author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.

Coma-prose: A book somehow narrated by someone in a coma. Example: Liz Jensen's The Ninth Life of Louis Drax.

Evelyn Complex: Named after Evelyn Waugh (a man), for an author with a confusing gender name. See Curtis Sittenfeld, Carson McCullers (both women).

Fauxto: When an author's jacket photo looks nothing like them.

The Fifty Dollar Hour: The time it takes for a signed copy of an uncorrected proof to go on eBay.

Frazier Factor: The resulting increase or decrease of author advances after Charles Frazier's $8 million deal for his novel, "Thirteen Moons."

Ghost written: A book narrated by a dead person. See "The Lovely Bones," "Carlito's Way."

The Heterosexual Cloak: A style used by gay authors when writing for mostly straight readers. There is also The Multi-Colored Dream Cloak: A style used by straight authors when writing for mostly gay readers.

Hick Lit: Stories marketed to unsophisticated, usually small town people. See Jeff Foxworthy, NASCAR romances...

Any ideas for some other phrases we could use? I was trying to think of some way to incorporate Judith Regan's name in a term to describe a particular type of editor, but, frankly, the little creativity I have left for 2006 is earmarked for figuring what the heck to get for my father-in-law for Christmas.

Hat tip for the first two links.