Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Worth a Shufty

[posted by Callimachus]

I've been keeping this one as my personal secret pleasure, but I feel guilty about that, so I'll share her with you: Angela Winters, a student at the Washington College of Law and a writer of adventure/romance novels:

As a kid, I wasn't allowed to watch television shows like Dynasty, Falcon Crest or Dallas, but when I got older and saw the reruns, I kept thinking "How cool would it be to write about a black family like the Ewings or the Carringtons?" That's what made me think of VIEW PARK and the Chase family.

Her blog is a choice piece of work and a true centerist -- by virtue of independent thinking, not by calculated political trigonometry. Angela on the "N-word":

When I saw this headline, I was ready to cuss someone out, but not anymore. I just think it's kind of sad. " Why I'm Good with the 'N' Word." If us using the word somehow marks the ascendancy of blacks in America, then it wouldn't anger people so much when a non-black used the words. It still packs the power it did 40 years ago because it is just an ugly word. You can't get past it or make it anything else. No matter who uses it for whatever reason.

Angela on marriage:

Marriage is financially beneficial for men, women & children. Of course it is. There is no arguing that an intact family unit is more financial stable than all this baby mama, baby daddy, child support not till after I see a blood test nonsense. And financially is only the beginning of the benefit. Honestly, it's quite simple. Until we get our traditional family back in order, we might as well just shut up about everything else.