Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ask Me

[posted by Callimachus, as if you couldn't fucking tell]

Ask me all about the fucking "Colbert Report." I can tell you any goddamn thing about it you want to know, like who was on it, who is going to be on it, who got dissed on it, how witty it all is, what all the catch-expressions are. And no, I've never seen the fucking thing and never intend to, but it's the Sole Topic of Conversation in a MSM newsroom these days, it seems. Worse than a bunch of 13-year-old geeks who just discovered "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Your media at play.

Oh, and they've stopped reading the "New Yorker" because it isn't anti-war enough. Only "The Nation" satisfies.

Your media at work.

UPDATE: I take that back. I am watching it right now, but not by choice. Because it's now being broadcast into the newsroom, to the general acclaim of my peers. They howl like hyenas at it.

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