Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Drawing Lines & Golden Opportunities

[Posted by reader_iam]

No encouragement of or support for Sha'ria Law, creeping or otherwise. (Following links--and links from links--is strongly encouraged.)

And no accommodation for those who would use that accommodation to flout this country's rules, regulations and laws about accommodating others.

While I'm up here being blunt and, more or less, to the point, I whacked those who criticized Rep. Keith Ellison for wanting to be sworn into office using the Koran. I do not believe that having Muslim men and women among our public, elected officials has to carry an inherent threat. I do see a specific opportunity for Rep. Ellison--even, perhaps, a certain duty, as a beneficiary of our free and open society--as Dymphna notes in an open letter to the Congressman.

Rep. Ellison is in an historic position. What will he do with it?