Monday, January 08, 2007

Sometimes A Chore Isn't Just A Chore

[Posted by reader_iam]

(Updated at bottom.)

Me: You may think I'm unloading the dishwasher but I'm not really unloading the dishwasher.

DH: Oh? Well, what are you doing, then?

Me: Ignoring a post that "Cal" wrote, the smart "aleck."

DH (with that quizzical, delighted look he gets when someone yanks my chain--the sadist): About what?

Me: (with my own familiar look) Who.

DH: What did Biden say now?


Neither my husband nor I have any particular rancor toward Biden (as Cal knows); it's just that, having lived in Delaware for so long, we are so familiar with our former senator's verbal propensities and foot-mouth gymnastics. Who knew, when we moved to Iowa just 10 years ago, that we might once again have to pay close attention to what he says and does? Then there is the irony that his might be among the campaigns we use to start educating our own child about our political system, just as my parents did.

By the way, if you read that old DWM post of mine from last summer, you'll note that its hook was that...Biden had said he was running for president! On June 17, in, I believe, Dover, NH. (Unfortunately, The NewsJournal link is now broken due to, I assume, its archiving policy. If you Google, though, you'll see that others picked up the same story I did). So why was Biden's announcement on "Meet The Press" Sunday such a big deal? Even The NewsJournal appears to have experienced amnesia about Biden's ""I'm running for president -- flat out" statement from last June. Or maybe their reporters can't access archived articles either?

Update: Jeez, I just walked back into the kitchen in time to hear Keith Olbermann talking about Biden and reporting that he'd just announced his candidacy in a "low-key" fashion on "Meet The Press" Sunday. If it was so low-key, how come it was more definitive than "I'm running for president--flat out"? Oh, I suppose it's got to do with filing papers and somesuch, but really, folks, this is not "new" news. At least Olbermann told part of the "rest of the story" about Biden's so-called plagiarism of Neil Kinnock speech. Wait--I think I addressed that issue in the comments section of someone else's blog not long ago. Now, where was that? Ah, yes: here, in this comment over at Shakespeare's Sister. (In the comment beneath it, I supply another link.) That blogger was dead right about Biden's disgusting pandering down in South Carolina, by the way. I wonder why, in the current TV coverage of Biden's "big announcement," no one's bringing up that little display? Well, it could be just that I haven't seen it; admittedly, I've not watched much TV in the past couple of days.

Anyway, the original reason I came back up here was to add a link I forgot to include, just a little blast from the past, as a curiosity.

Update II: Aak! This one is specifically to acknowledge that I just fixed the last paragraph of the previous update. How freakin' ironic is it that I can chalk that screw-up to the fact that a managing editor for whom I work called precisely when my kid was having an "issue" with established to-bed procedure (requiring my intervention) and I was trying to finish the update to this post.

These days, it seems I can do two, but not three, things at once to any level of true effectiveness. Triage!--and, yet again, the typos won, by virtue of the very moment when I decided that talking about editing took precedence over doing it.

High comedy, I'd call that. Wouldn't you?