Friday, January 05, 2007

Legacy Schmegacy

[posted by Callimachus]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush is planning to name a new ambassador and military commanders for Iraq as he prepares to make a fresh start on a worsening problem that has mired his administration and threatens his legacy.


Particularly after all the tributes to Gerald Ford in the past few days, President Bush may be pondering his own legacy and obituary.


Headline: Bush legacy hinges on plan, which gets bonus dead-tree fuckwit points for also using "grim milestone" in the lede.


So, the more modest escalation of up to 20,000 soldiers would appear to represent what might be called “Operation: Save Bush’s Legacy,” with the goal of postponing the inevitable until 2009 when American defeat can be palmed off on a new President.

Can anyone tell me where the media gets these ideas? Where is the slightest shred of evidence that Dubya ever gave a moment's thought to a legacy? Look at the last six years. Does this look like an administration that loses sleep over what historians, who hate him now, are going to say in the future. Dubya's not a legacy type president. Kennedy obsessed over his legacy. Nixon obsessed over his legacy. Reagan didn't care. Bush? Pooh. Do people really think about anything -- even their own stereotypes of the man -- before they write this stuff?