Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Persistence Of Idol Thoughts

[Posted by reader_iam]

I've spent some time this weekend doing some admin/housekeeping over at my old site, primarily having to do with reviewing all my posts here at DWM over the past few months and gathering up links for roundup posts over there (always an edifying undertaking, if not always pleasant in a number of senses). I also was looking at which "Curve" posts still got odd hits via Google search, etc., thinking it might be fun to do something with that, someday. So it was that I noticed, almost immediately (easy to do on a defunct blog in which basically all--that is to say, of the few--hits are odd, as expected), that I was suddenly getting a bit of non-random traffic to a particular post.

Specifically, this one, on why I "can't stand" American Idol.

It turns out that The Anchoress is swamped with non-blog things, to which I can completely relate and exactly now, and so she is taking a a bit of a break and therefore republishing some previous posts, one of which linked to my idle "American Idol" post of a year ago.

Here is part of what I wrote in my update (weird to do that, so much later):
To tell the truth, I'd completely forgotten I'd written about American Idol a year ago (almost to the day, no less). Now, in re-reading from a distance what I (in a number of ways, a different "I" than now, blogging-wise) wrote back then, all I can say is: what "she" said, only more so.