Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Tweak in Review

[posted by Callimachus]

So far I'm pleased with the new, leveled, expanded blogroll here. It's easier for me to use. I'm still updating it and taking nominations. I just added a couple of interesting folks who popped up here in comment threads: Melismata and Thought Theater.

I also added listings to a few regulars I've been negligent in not adding sooner: Canker, the always irritating Sideways Mencken, who seems to be active again, or at least sitting up unaided and taking a little nourishment, and The Probilgo, which probably is an unwarranted stretch of the definition of "blogfriends," but it will make it easier for him to find his way home again after he swoops in here with his Meerschaum and magnifying glass to "monitor" the "right wing" for whatever cause it is he serves.

Also re-added Benzene 4, which, again, seems to be showing signs of life. It's one of those well-written, informed, and thoughtful blogs that starts out with the same values I do and invariably arrives at the opposite conclusion I do.