Wednesday, February 07, 2007


[posted by Callimachus]

John Edwards' campaign gets wobbly on its blogger hires. Well, there goes my dream of paying for a new fridge by getting hired to shill for Hillary.

Seriously? The bloggers he hired wrote a style I just loathe and which is purely destructive. And they had a proven ability to get an audience. Both of which probably make them highly desirable for a political campaign. Which is sad, too. Like I said, it's not like he was nominating them for the Supreme Court.

But ... way over the top, and thank the gods for our Electoral College-driven political system which still steers candidates toward the center. You need people like the erudite, foul-mouthed, mocking bloggers down on the street level to win your base and your party's nomination. Then you need to shed them as you step toward the center to win the big election -- that's strategy, no matter whether you intend to govern from the center or not (Bush).

These bloggers are too radioactive, to brightly glowing, to be shed once you've picked them up. I predict their words will haunt him like a poison glue. Along with the inescapable notion that virulent hostility to religion is a key to winning the base for Edwards.

Yes, you can find every equivalent on the right. But maybe the blandness and humorlessness of most of the right will serve its bloggers better. Hugh Hewitt wrote things that would infuriate Democrats, but probably threw up fewer stink bombs to chase off moderates. Just my impression.

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