Sunday, February 11, 2007

Watchers Council Winners

[posted by Callimachus]

Watchers Council winners for the week of Feb. 9 have been posted.

First place in the council went to our friend American Future for Who Is George Soros?.

Votes also went to Once More, William Arkin, With Feeling! by The Sundries Shack; An Open Letter To Governor Rick Perry by Rhymes With Right; What's Dunkirk Got To Do With It? by Bookworm Room; What Do We Do About Iran? by Right Wing Nut House; and Undocumented by Soccer Dad.

Outside the council, the winner was Media Mischaracterizes Senate Resolution Vote by The QandO Blog.

Votes also went to Once in a While a Veterans Thoughts Are Echoed by Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum; The Ugly American by Victor Davis Hanson; and Jewish Liberalism and Its Discontents at Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite.

And I'm still catching up, so here are the winners for the week of Feb. 2.

First place within the council went to 9/11: Just a Real Bad Day by Right Wing Nut House.

Votes also went to They've Finally Admitted It by Bookworm Room; Israel's Position on the Iranian Threat by American Future; Patton Medicine by Done With Mirrors, which still is referring to itself in the third person; The Fog of War by The Glittering Eye; and 2007 SotU Democratic Rebuttal Tidbits by The Sundries Shack.

Outside the council, the winner was New Trend on the Rise: The Patriotic Terrorist by Greg Gutfeld at The Huffington Post.

Votes also went to Self Delusion and Emboldening the Enemy by Dr. Sanity; The Karbala Attack and the IRGC by Bill Roggio at The Fourth Rail; and Enlightenment Fundamentalism or Racism of the Anti-Racists? by