Thursday, March 15, 2007

"I think it's not about being young anymore"

[Posted by reader_iam]

Man, how much does it figure that Boomers would declare that "truth" once even the youngest of them can't be described as anything other than middle-aged? (I was born in 1961, which by most accounts puts me at the ass end of that generation.)

Check out the 60 is the new sexy video over at CNN and tell me how the the word "self-serving" doesn't apply. (Sorry that I can't take you straight to the video--if anyone can tell me how to provide a direct link, I'll gratefully update.)

Oh, don't get me wrong: I think Helen Mirren is great, and beautiful, and, yes, sexy, as are most of the women highlighted in this piece. (Don't know about Cher, though: I mean, she's had so much work done over the years that I'm not sure she even looks like herself anymore, or even anything approaching real.) I say "hooray" for empowered, confident women of all ages.

But please: Do we have to redefine terms and, essentially, denigrate the benefits of youth just 'cause we don't get to claim that term for ourselves anymore?

I wouldn't have bothered blogging this if it weren't for that really irritating, patronizing woman who--while **of course** she's not putting down young women, 'cause "they're great!"--decides to characterize the younger generations as gameplayers, which activity older women are--natch!--"above."

What a load. In my experience, gameplaying is more a product of character and attitude than it is of age. If a woman is so inclined in that direction, then the only difference between her at 20 and her at 60 is 40 more years of experience. (The same exact thing can be said of gameplaying men, of course.)

Also, do not try and tell me that every one of the women highlighted in this story (including the commentators) doesn't spend considerable time and money looking as youthful as possible.

Man, I hate stupid stories like this. They bring out the kneejerk rebel in me. Maybe instead of getting my roots touched up with red next week, I'll just tell my hairdresser to go ahead and dye my long hair a nice silver gray. Then I'll subtly highlight my lines and wrinkles to demonstrate my inner wisdom (yeah, yeah--such as it is).

"46: The New Old." Kinda has a ring to it, dontcha think?

I like it.