Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One Who Sees

[posted by Callimachus]

Hooray for any prominent voice on the left who can scan the globe and manage to find a nation he considers more repressive, brutal, tyrannical, and wicked than George W. Bush's America. Especially when there's one just 90 miles south of the Key West surf. And who is willing to take the time to say so in public.

David Corn of "The Nation" responds to an earlier piece in the magazine by Cuban official Ricardo Alarcon, lauding the American leftist sociologist C. Wright Mills on the 45th anniversary of Mills' death.

Mills was hounded for challenging the conventional wisdom of his day. But Alarcon's concern for the plight of this one author is comical--in a dark fashion--for he heads a government that does not allow its citizens to challenge openly the conventional wisdom of the Castro regime. There is no free press in Alarcon's country, no freedom of expression. There is no "passionate love of truth" among the rulers of Cuba. Alarcon is crying for Mills, while his government does even worse to Cuban writers than the FBI did to Mills.

"Not quite as bad as Cuba" isn't much of a patriotic statement, of course, but in the current climate around entities like "The Nation," I'll take it.

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