Sunday, April 08, 2007

2 Kinds of People, Not Without A Peep

[Posted by reader_iam]

I thought I'd managed. I almost made it through an entire Easter with if not nary a mention of or conversation about Peeps, then only one (at church this morning, and though the conversation has tremendous and rich blogotential, and involved the most perfect of persons with whom to have that sort of I say/you say interaction, I'm not going there).


But then I came across this post at a regular blogread. [Added: One of the links there includes recipes for an entire Peeps holiday meal! Save me,please.]

Unlike that blogger, I devoutly hope that this Peeps movie trailer is, indeed, a joke. *P*E*E*P*S*!!! As if there aren't already enough unsavory things in life to suck up. I'm with the guy in the trailer who said, "They're fun if you put them in the microwave"--though I still wouldn't put one in my mouth, or into the mouth of anyone whom I love, pre- or post-micropuffing/exploding.

PEEPS! Piffle. Puffle. A Pox (On). Please!

(But thanks for the laugh.)

Added: Peeps Creep. (See? See?) Let no religion be passed over by Peeps, by golly. (Note: Link reached by virtue of the comments section of original blog linked in my post.)

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