Sunday, April 01, 2007

Taking One for the Team

[posted by Callimachus]

Call him the Albert Schewitzer of blogging. Dennis the Peasant is reading Amanda Marcotte, so you don't have to. Amanda sez:

I’m impressed how the anti-choice movement resembles the war on drugs in this way—they recreate the hierarchies they long for from the past while blaming the victim. Can’t just openly advocate for slavery or other forms of labor exploitation, but you can throw people in jail for crimes like doing drugs while having the wrong class status or skin color. And once they’re in jail, then you can use them for cheap labor, all while claiming that it’s their fault that you’re forced to use them for cheap labor. Same with forced childbirth—gosh, if you didn’t want the state to commandeer your body to make cannon fodder for adventure wars, you shouldn’t have commited the “crime” of having sex while being a member of the female underclass.

Dennis sez: "Remember, there was somebody at the Edwards campaign who said to his boss, 'Hey, we need this woman!' To which the boss said, 'Hey, you're right.' "