Friday, June 29, 2007

Beep You

[Posted by reader_iam]

When is a horn not a horn?
Banned from honking their horns, drivers in China's commercial hub of Shanghai are switching to music or voice recordings to make themselves heard, a local newspaper reported Wednesday.

Shanghai banned honking in the downtown area beginning this month, threatening fines of up to 200 yuan ($13) for those leaning on the horn. Not even police cars are exempt, with the use of sirens banned in all but emergencies, the rules say.

Yet some drivers who still feel the need to express themselves are spending up to 800 yuan ($100) for customized horns, the Shanghai Daily said.

It said at least one taxi driver has converted his to a recording of a woman's voice saying, "Please mind the car, we are making a turn." Other horns play music, similar to a personalized cell phone ring tone.
Hey, it's Friday--come out and play! Nominate the best song lyrics, or lines from movies, or whatever for a customized car horn.

I'll start: How about a verse from Devil in my Car?

(Sorry for the quality of the video, but you work with what you can find.)

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