Friday, June 01, 2007

Tornadic Storms [Update]

[Posted by reader_iam]

It appears we're going to be spared right where we are, but still: the phrase "rain-wrapped tornado" is not one I wanna hear in break-in special weather reports about any area, much less a number of places and areas not all that far away from here.

Update: Always good to know our local siren warning system is working (not that we like hearing it, mind you). The QC is now under tornado watch (added: Scott County overall is now under warning), but it's really the west end of Davenport (we're in the east end) that's of concern, and Rock Island County in Illinois, as well (they're under warning), for now, along with other towns and rural areas.

Right now, we're a little concerned about friends of ours in Muscatine (the storm did hit there and cause damage, including via tornado) and other places west and south of our immediate area, as well as those who tend to travel, as part of work, along the I-80/I-280 corridor. The worst of things tend to miss right exactly where we are, I think because of our proximity to the river, and the last time we actually headed to the basement was when our son was a baby/early toddler. I will say, however, that within the past relatively few minutes, we have gone from mid-daylight to what looks more like dusk. So we have taken the precaution of making our son come downstairs from the second floor to our main floor and corraling our dogs, and double-checking the "stuff" you keep in the basement, if you live in this area, just in case.