Sunday, June 24, 2007


[posted by Callimachus]

There Were No WMD

For that matter, one in five Americans (20%) believe that we did find chemical/biological weapons "hidden by Saddam Hussein's regime."

Except, we did.

But, but, but: not a "stockpile" ... degraded ... pre-1991 .... Fine, all true. But if you want to argue that it wasn't the mushroom-cloud inducing sort of weaponry, and that belief in such things was a major cause of going to the war, you have to go ahead and say that. Don't shortcut for the sake of mental laziness to "no WMD," because when you do, and you know better, you're a liar. It's worded wrongly in the original Newsweek article, too.

More on this gripe here and here.

What's amazing is that at most only one in five knows this. Or will admit it and risk being mocked by their betters.