Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Speaking of People I'd Like to See Naked in a Pile ...

[posted by Callimachus]

Images like the one at the head of this post confirm me in the notion that I really don't want to be walking down the street and see two dudes engaged in a PDA.

So am I a homophobe? I dunno, probably that's enough to make some people say I am. But fact is, I don't want to most straight people French kissing or groping each other in public, either. I don't want the street I walk down to turn into an Amsterdam alley where every way you turn your head you're invited to imagine other people getting it on. Most other people I see I don't want to imagine getting it on.

Two people I would like to see kissing and groping each other in public are Jessica Alba and Jessica Alba. It's a pretty short list.

So the quandary is, I would oppose on principle any legal or statutorial ban on any sort of sexual display or behavior that only targeted gays, or that was meant to criminalize homosexuality per se. I would support the right of gay men to kiss in public. But damn, I really don't need to see it. Sometimes you can be a principled hypocrite, I suppose.

[Amusing aside: Sullivan lets his British roots show in the post linked at the top, spelling it advertize, on the assumption, I presume, that all words he learned to spell with an "-ise" take "-ize" in the States. He doesn't realize that it's the British, in this case, who are being lazy barbarians and universalizing the spelling, while Americans can be trusted to remember the short list of common words not from Greek (advertise, devise, surprise) which etymologically must be spelled with an -s-.]