Wednesday, October 17, 2007


David Crosby thinks American soldiers are out to kill women. Of course Graham Nash thinks “dialogue” is the answer to suicidal jihadism.

Speaking here as someone who's had the delightful experience of watching David Crosby nod off from substance abuse during an interview in a club backstage room outside Philadelphia in the 1980s:

Part of me honestly can't wait for a great many people of "that generation" to go to their eternal reward. I recognize that as one of the most ungenerous and cruel thoughts I have. But I can't deny it.

Yet some other part of me wants to keep these coprolites around as long as possible, as an antidote to the continuous attempt by Hollywood, "Rolling Stone" and others of that breed to force-feed fresh generations of youth the false "Sixties were the Righteous Golden Age" poison. When to be young was very heaven and all would be right with the world today if only everyone else had listened more to the Flower People then.

I don't think that part of me that wants to see them live forever is more generous than the one that is impatiently watching the clock over them.

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