Friday, December 07, 2007

And What a Name

Jamiell Goforth was not "stuck in Iraq."

For all the achievements 23-year-old Jamiell Goforth of Seattle has won since leaving a promising dance career in Seattle to become an Army combat medic, one stands out.

It was the year she spent in Taji, Iraq, where vehicles and medics rushed wounded and injured U.S. and Iraqi soldiers and civilians to her aid station.

"We saved lives; we didn't lose anybody," Goforth says with a mixture of emotion and pride.

"Seeing some of those injuries and people trusting you, with their lives literally in your hands, makes you grow up; you are in charge of making sure they go home, that they get back to their families," Goforth, now based at Fort Hood, Texas, says.

It's one of the least known but more significant achievements in the young Army career of Jamiell Elizabeth Gofroth, who earlier this year survived grueling physical and mental tests of endurance and skill against other soldiers to become the first female "Soldier of the Year" from Forces Command. It is the Army's largest major command and comprises more than 730,000 soldiers.

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