Thursday, April 03, 2008


Me, by this:

SAN FRANCISCO -- As the world turns its eyes to China for the Olympic Games, actress Mia Farrow will be broadcasting less glamorous fare from a Sudanese refugee camp to highlight China's involvement in the region.

Farrow will spend the first week of the Games showing the poor living conditions of ethnic African refugees displaced by conflict with the Sudanese Arab-dominated government, the group Dream for Darfur announced Thursday.

The group criticizes China's role as Sudan's main trading partner, buying oil from Sudan and selling the country many of the weapons used to wage war on the agrarian tribal people of Darfur, said executive director Jill Savitt.

What's missing there? No mention of the real root cause being capitalism, corporations, globalization, U.S. perfidy, the Iraq War, Israel, SUVs, and the Bush Administration.

Well, good for them! If they actually get through the broadcast without the wind shifting around to the above targets, I may have to take back half of what I've said about San Francisco and The Kind of Women Who Marry Woody Allen.