Sunday, April 13, 2008

Talking Behind Your Back

Via RSS:

As a blogger, I am a content creator. I don't want my content stolen, or reposted without attribution or under somebody else's name. But I am also a huge advocate of RSS and continuing to adapt where the conversation is being held. Just as my blog's RSS views have undoubtedly eclipsed my blog page views, I would not be surprised to see that more comments on my posts might eventually live outside of my blog. It would behoove me and other bloggers to be aware of the other places the conversation will be taking place, and to engage there, in my opinion, rather than railing against the continued evolution of how we're consuming content and engaging online.

On the one hand, I don't have time to go hunt down every discussion of my words (and defend them if they need it) on every RSS site. In the other hand, I'm too trivial to be noticed or commented-upon.

P.S.: What is an RSS? I'd be bluffing if I kept acting like I knew what the hell these people are talking about.