Friday, April 11, 2008

ZOMG-bie Time

Usually Zombie Time is worth a visit if you want to see San Francisco -- the California of California -- at its moonbat best in protesting -- something or other the U.S. and its Jewish masters is said to be doing to itself or the rest of the world.

Well, here (in a Pajamas Media appearance), the mystery photographer covers the Olympic torch chaos that hit the city this week. Like me, he had a strange reaction to all this:

In an odd way this was the most disturbing protest I’d ever been to — because it thoroughly reconfigured the traditional political landscape. I’m no fan of the Chinese government, and for the most part sympathized with the causes of the protesters. Because of this I ended up on the same side as people whom I normally loathe — such as this guy, who I’ve seen many times at anti-Israel protest and who has more than once revealed himself to be an anti-Semite. And here I am, agreeing with him on Tibet. Very unnerving.

[The paragraph does not reference the guy in the above picture, by the way.]

Disturbing, but almost ... refreshing. We are not ever so far apart that we can't agree on something. To one group of people, that might make the rest of us potential monsters like the anti-Semites. To another set, it might mark them as redeemable by appeals to the same sense of justice or common sense that brings them out against China.

Or maybe it's just coincidental overlap of sanity and insanity, but I tend to think it leans toward validating Terence: Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto.

Looking at this set of photos, and not simply laughing at or recoiling from the people in them, also makes me recognize for the first time clearly what a good photographer this person is.