Sunday, June 01, 2008

Council Winners

The latest Watchers Council winners have been posted.

First place in the council went to Why Jews Are Right To Suspect Obama's Advisers from Bookworm Room.

Votes also went to Dear Mr Hoyt from Soccer Dad. "Mr. Hoyt" being the New York Times' ombudsman. And to Strange Device at The Glittering Eye, which I highly recommend. People interested in the kinds of things discussed here (the history stuff, not the babeage) will get a lot out of it. And to In Which It Gets Worse from this site. And to Peacekeepers Raping Children ... Again from Cheat Seeking Missiles, one of those morbid stories you cringe just thinking about, but it seems it's left to the "right wing" blogs to care about this stuff, because no one else wants to.

And to Will History Redeem President Bush? by The Colossus of Rhodey. His answer is thoughtful and not at all straightforward. My answer? Oh, eventually. But it has to do with history, not with Bush. The profession will rubbish him as "worst president ever" for a generation, then eventually after Dubya has shuffled off this mortal coil some historian will come along who needs to make a splash, and he'll write a book finding some liberal virtues in Bush's presidency that the rest of them all overlooked (hmmm ... "spreading freedom," perhaps?) and trot them out as revelations, and get a lot of attention for "reclaiming" Dubya from the neo-cons and fascists. Like Sean Wilentz is doing now with Reagan and getting his name in a lot of publications in the process.

It has nothing to do with reality.

Outside the council, the winner was Deep Thoughts with Biggie Smalls from Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal. I'm not ashamed to say I nominated this one. In the general American public amnesia about Iraq, the magnificent writing of the front-line bloggers should not be overlooked.

Votes also went to Return to Sender by Iowahawk, a hilarious shrunken history of a Congressman's career. And to Over Red Coffee Cans and Cigarettes by The Paragraph Farmer, All the Views They Spit Into Print by Big Lizards, and the painfully on-point An Open Letter to Senator Obama on Iran by Pajamas Media.