Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Take A Powder, Page 6 Writer and Editor

[Posted by reader_iam]

Take a powder: To make a quick departure; run away.

Keith Olbermann receives a powder-laced envelope in the mail, and Page 6 thinks it's funny.

I think Page 6's reaction is "funny," all right, but I emphatically don't mean "ha-ha."

Look, I'm not a fan of Olbermann's, and I've whacked him on at least two occasions, most notably one a little over two weeks ago (in someone else's comments section, which got raised into the actual post) and one in a post here, just a couple of days ago. (I'm not linking by design.) That's how vehement disagreement goes, with substance or style, or both.

The NY Post's bit of snark, however, hasn't to do with that. It has to do with poor taste in making fun of a fear that every one of us could, and mostly would, legitimately have if greeted with an envelope containing a powdery substance, in light of the (unsolved, unresolved, unredressed) powder-substance-based anthrax scare that took place just post-9/11. And regardless of the reason--the darn reason doesn't matter--Olbermann is a high-profile figure. One who pisses people off, including the more unhinged, physically vengeful, and perspective-impaired among us. A target for the true kooks among us, who might very well take the metaphorical "crossing of swords" into some sort of whacko--but potentially dangerous--physical vendetta.

Olbermann would be a fool indeed, personally, if he didn't realize that there are people out there that might wish him ill personally--and I don't mean in the realm of ideas or metaphor, but physically. Of course, a powder-filled envelope delivered to his home--anyone's home, mine and yours included--is scary. Of course, he should call 9/11. I would. Wouldn't you? I'd want to get checked out, too, by medical professionals.

Post 9/11, this sort of bullshit prank is not funny.

Speaking of which, while Page 6's stupid, ill-considered and pettily gleeful little piece inspired this post, I don't want to let the actual instigator off the hook:

Whoever you are, what the hell is wrong with you? Pick up a phone. Write an e-mail. Write a snail mail. Hell, start a blog. Whatever. Use your "freedom of expression" at a level higher than a slimy slug.

You do no favor for whatever political position, or group, with which you identify by staging the so-called prank you pulled. (And, in case you're of the deeply conservative and/or law-and-order type, you have wasted and are wasting the time of people, resources etc. that I'd bet you'd say you're all for.)

I also assume that Page 6 had a source for its little set-piece of puerility. Ditto to you, customized appropriately (since you're so clever, I'm sure you can figure out how my previous words apply to you, as well).

Mr. Olbermann, I have no idea what all the facts are surrounding what happened, or how you did or did not react. But you know what? It doesn't matter.

On this one, I'm in your corner. No one, not even a public figure, not even a controversial one, not "even" a member of the MSM, should have to come home to what greeted you, prank or not. No one.

Page 6/NY Post staff: What, you don't agree with that?