Sunday, September 24, 2006

Reach Out Of The Darkness

[Posted by reader_iam, wearing the temporary hat of an Admin]

Sorry to interrupt the flow around here, but if you look to the right, under our blog handles, you'll see a bit of breaking news!

That's right, folks: Done With Mirrors now has its very own email address, hot off the presses: donewithmirrors(at)gmail(dot)com. Please note that this is a blog email, with all that implies. (Please, uh, e-mail us if it's not clear what that means.)

Points for being the first (in comments) to indicate "getting" the title of this post by identifying the reference (double points if you did it without Googling, and I believe you). Extra credit for the best explanation (on target or not) of why I think it's funny. Creativity and variety appreciated.

(Hint: It doesn't refer to Cal and me, with regard to each other. Well, at least not in my mind. But don't let that restrict you.)

Now, carry on, carry on.