Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is This Supposed To Be A Novel Idea?

[Posted by reader_iam]
When a good idea emanates out of a centrist, or even conservative, source, that's a good idea.

I'd have added: "Or a liberal idea. Or a progressive idea. Or a libertarian idea. Or--gasp!--an idea from someone who is Christian [Jewish; Muslim; Buddhist; Atheist etc.]. Or... ." Need I go on?

Damn, some of us have had that as not just an attitude, but a guiding principle for, quite literally, decades. It's called independent thinking, and could almost be considered a deeply--dare I say it?--centrist** mindset (depending, of course, how you want to define--or don't want to define--"centrist"). It certainly explains those of "no party," such as I.

From Ezra Klein in response to Kevin Drum via Memeorandum, where you can find other reax, which, frankly, I haven't had time to read yet (but will).

By the way, I agree with Drum's statement regarding kneejerk genuflection (from any place on the political spectrum, but especially centrists) toward bipartisanship. His comments on the heartburn that can result from overindulging in gut instincts are worth thinking about, too.

[Added:] For the record, left to my own devices, I actually wouldn't use the word "centrist" or "moderate" to describe myself, on the grounds that they lack both sufficient specificity and sufficient breadth. But you have to work with the language you have and what the common diction of the times calls for. Coining new words can cause a whole heap o' trouble, and people flat out won't sit still long enough for you to explain yourself in more nuance and depth in one fell swoop.

So it goes.