Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quote Unquote

So no, you will not read about Col M’s small treats he leaves on the Iraqis desks from time to time in the NY times or the Washington Post. Nor will you hear the admiration and love my Iraqi coworkers have for this man on CNN or BBC. Oh no. You will never sense the aura he emits when he enters a room, nor feel the charisma in his voice when he encourages the Iraqis for their hard work. And although I know he will never get to see these words, I write them with great sadness. Theres like a heavy feeling in the air. I see people coming and saying bye to him, and I just cant stop myself from staring at this man. I just cant stop thinking how much he will be really missed.

Now that’s what I call winning the hearts and minds. That’s exactly what it is. He found the secret that both the US and Coaltion forces failed to find. Because Col M won both the hearts and the minds of all the Iraqis without any exceptions. He won the hearts and minds of all the Iraqis no matter what their sect is, their religion is and most of all what their political views are about this war. Col M, deserves not only one star or two or three stars, he deserves an Award. Simply, The Hearts and Minds Award…