Sunday, May 07, 2006

"[E]xploitation of the ignorant"

Assuming that there's nothing missing from or more to the story, this is absolutely appalling. Check that: Even if there is something missing or more this story, it's still appalling.

I was going to make reference to The Constant Gardener, but I see that someone beat me to a similar comment.

I'm a far cry from being anti-corporation or anti-business, or anti-pharma, in any knee-jerk sort of way. But this sort of under-the-radar sort of testing--complete with verbal "consents," an apparently buried report, and what an individual named in the WaPo article admitted was a concocted and backdated letter of approval--simply cannot be tolerated.

We need our pharmaceutical companies; in fact, we rely upon them. It's hard to imagine anyone who has not either personally benefited from pharmaceutical breakthroughs or at least personally known someone who has.

That reality, however, doesn't justify giving this sort of corporate behavior a pass, in any way, shape, or form.