Monday, May 01, 2006

Moral Courage 2

A Virtual Cantina, among many, many other liberal/left blogs are fulsome with praise for the "courage" of Stephen Colbert, the comic who used his gig at the White House Press Corps event to deliver a humorless but biting Cindy Sheehan diatribe to the president and the press.

But according to my searches, the blogs that are agog over Colbert's courage have had nothing whatsoever to say about Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Not that everyone is required to comment on everything. But if you're going to throw a word like "courage" around, you ought to have some sense of the scale of what is involved. That word has a certain heft. It belongs to a short list of human beings. It's earned, not bestowed.

I don't seem to see any stories this morning about Stephen Colbert's neighbors being afraid for their lives or suing to have him evicted from their air space. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.