Thursday, June 29, 2006

Flooded With Wondering

How long, do you think, would the flood in Wilkes-Barre have to last in order for Fox News' Rita Cosby to figure out how to pronounce that place name?

And is there some sort of hidden message in the fact that none of the people whom she's interviewed has apparently seen fit to clue her in?

Update: DeanYoungblood does me the great favor of pointing out the obvious: Rita Cosby is of course with MSNBC. Here's my response to him in the comments section:

She absolutely is!! And I know better. See what I get for doing a drive-by post based on listening to whatever news channel happens to be playing in the background.

Question: How long do you think this post has to stay up before RIA gets clued into the obvious?


Thanks, DeanYoungblood.