Thursday, October 05, 2006

Unshocking: "Surprise Visit To Iraq"

[Posted by reader_iam]

I know it's a trivial thing, but that's one meme that's been done to death and I literally grit my teeth now every time I see a headline containing these words.

Sheesh. Doesn't any high-profile civilian official make planned trips to Iraq anymore? Is anyone surprised that one or another of them keep turning up there at strategic times under the banner of, well, "Surprise!" I mean, it's not a freakin' series of birthday parties over there.

That's it. Call me petty, but I'm not going to read one darn more article which has this premise as its hook. I'll just have to hope that nothing substantive and important actually happens during one of these visits, and I don't care who the heck it is who's "just popping by."

Which probably means I'm perfectly safe in drawing this line in the sand.