Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election Fallout

[posted by Callimachus]

Rick Moran, putting principles over party, declares his independence of the Administration.

Truth is, for months I have swallowed many of my misgivings about this President, the party, and even conservatives in general. ... No more.

All this may come as a surprise to my regular readers who are used to me bashing Republicans and the President. But the fact is, I was taking it easy on the bastards. More than one post over the past year has fallen victim to the “delete” button on my blog because I realized that my intemperate and bitter remarks about something Bush or the Republicans were doing would cause many of my long time readers (and other bloggers) to tip toe away, unable or unwilling to face the consequences of the failed policies in Iraq, the fiscal irresponsibility, the unbelievable dereliction of duty in adequately protecting our borders, our ports, our airlines, our chemical and nuclear plants, and other targets more than 5 years after the worst terrorist attack in our history.