Saturday, November 18, 2006

An Iowa Blog For Political Junkies

[Posted by reader_iam]

For the '08ers among you who wish to keep an eye on the lead-up to the Iowa Caucuses from the conservative side, a blog you might want to be following is Caucus Cooler. I've been meaning to link this one for a while because of its interesting mixture of topics, including inside dish on campaign staffings and other nitty-gritty features for the true political junkie. The comments sections are often good, as well, and I think it's safe to say that campaign insiders pop by fairly regularly.

Tonight, for example, I popped over thinking I'd pick a post to use as a sample and couldn't really decide which of three to highlight. This one highlights the text of radio ads that the draft Rudy Guiliani camp is airing in Iowa. This one rather amusingly mocks a Tommy Thompson "why not?" presidential campaign. Finally, this one cautions Republicans against going too far right in picking a presidential candidate for 2008:
We at the Kooler think that Krusty needs to step away from the extreme right-wing kool-aid. For some reason konservatives like to be revisionist historians when it komes to our Presidential kandidates.
It seems to us that the only kandidate that Krusty would be satisfied with is Steve King or Alan Keyes or Gary Bauer or Pat Buchanan. Is that really the route the party wants to go?

The entire Cooler staff is pro-life. We are all very konservative when in comes to fiscal issues and security. But part of being konservative is being pragmatic. There's a reason that for 20 of 28 years the GOP has held the White House. We didn't nominate people like Michael Dukakis or John Kerry. Do we want to make that mistake this time?

(Note: All the "k's" are there because Caucus Cooler is responding to another Iowa political blogger, Krusty Konservative. By the way, my link to the referenced Krusty post works, but it appears to be broken on the CC one).

It's interesting to see this kind of debate on the conservative side of things, especially among people who, I think it's safe to say, are more like-minded than not. (Note, Krusty later continues the debate with other posts on his blog.) Clearly, it's not just pundits or national political figures who are doing some thinking and debating as they look ahead to 2008.