Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iowa Gives Hillary Clinton A Cold Greeting [Updated]

[Posted by reader_iam]

Literally, I mean: It's 2 degrees outside, and I sure as heck wouldn't want to be at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on West Locust Street, which is where Sen. Clinton is staging a rally this morning, starting right this very minute (8:30 a.m., Central). I debated taking my son in the interest of political education, but since I suspect Davenport will be infested with presidential candidates and politicians over the next year, I'll wait for a warmer opportunity.

I'm curious: Do you think the use of "surge" in the lead of that article was accidental, or was someone having fun?
A surge of interest in U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s visit to Davenport this weekend has forced the campaign to change venues.

Clinton’s appearance has now been scheduled for the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.

It will still be held at 8:30 a.m. Sunday.

Officials stressed Friday night that the event is open to the public.

Clinton, who is in her second term in the Senate representing New York, declared last weekend that she is a 2008 presidential candidate.

She had been slated to appear at the Hickory Garden Family Restaurant on Sunday morning, but a spokesperson said Friday that it proved to be too small for the number of people who wanted to attend.

“We had so many people and so much interest,” Lorraine Voles said.
I can't help wondering: Was that "last-minute" change somewhat designed to get more attention--she's so popular, there was such an outpouring, we had to change the venue!!--rather than someone failing to anticipate whether a restaurant could accommodate the crowds for Clinton? It's hard not to raise my eyebrow just a little bit. And if there are that many people coming, isn't it going to be a bit difficult to hold "a conversation" with people, in any meaningful sense of that word?

I'd share some more of my observations, but I have to get out the door a bit earlier this morning, since rumor has that Clinton will be popping in for a service at a church down the street from my own this morning, and who knows how that will affect the traffic situation. Then there's the press conference just a few hours hence, which a girlfriend and I are considering strolling over to watch with our kids, if we're allowed to be there. I worked yesterday and will be working all day today as well: What better way to spend my lunch time?

Stay warm, folks, wherever you are today.

Update: Of course I'm assuming that Sen. Clinton is appearing inside one of the buildings at the Fairgrounds, and not in the outside performance venue there. That really would be impressive, today.

Update II: No idea how things went earlier in the morning, but the greeting was pretty warm at the public stop-by before the press conference.