Friday, January 05, 2007

Of Course, The Devil Is In The Details [Updated At Bottom]

[Posted by reader_iam]

The experience of taking this quiz, which supposedly determines where one belongs on the political spectrum, makes me remember why I chose "Achieving Balance Only Through Contradiction" as the tag line for my old blog.

I scored 25, for what that's worth.

Hat tip.

Update: In the comments, Internet Ronin brings up the Political Compass questionnaire, which measures this sort of thing in more than one dimension. (One axis measures social libertarian/authoritarian and the other economic left/right; follow the link and read the home page for a less simplistic description.)

I'd taken that one before, but it had been long enough ago that I didn't remember the specific questions, though I remembered more or less where I'd fallen. Taking the test really, really quickly just now, I fell pretty close to what I recall, with just a touch of variation.

Unfortunately, there's no code supplied for me to paste in my results, mapped on a graph, but just picture me pretty much dead center on the left/right scale and three notches south of center toward the libertarian side ("Your political compass: Economic Left/Right: 0.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.77"; in graphical terms, that .25 puts my dot smack on the line). Better yet, go take the questionnaire yourself, see where you stand, and envision where I must fall.

In any case, the short of it is that the test classifies me as exactly what I've basically said I am: overall, a solid centrist with a libertarian streak. (I'd say the latter is mostly due to a mix of live-and-let-live and a suspicious nature toward political authoritarianism of any flavor.)

The devil is still in the details, though.

[Later:] Of course I went back in and fixed a typo or two as well as an inexplicable, brain-burped homophone error, and added the skipped "update" designator. Lovely, the ability to fix things like that.