Friday, January 12, 2007

So Totally Barn-Door/Horses Have Left

[Posted by reader_iam]

In the case of Mike Nifong, Raleigh Durham (stupid error on my part) "persecutor of justice," however, far better late than never.

It turns out that the someone to stop Nifong was himself. While it's a good thing that Nifong is out, and not a moment too soon, it leaves the unsatisfying open question: If he hadn't resigned, would the legal and political (and, as a not unimportant or irrelevant sideline, the academic) establishment just have stood by indefinitely? I'm glad he's gone, but given the situation, this terrible thing, with no winners and everywhere losers, I would like to have found out--as a byproduct--who might finally have stood up to take a stand. And why.

Good riddance, Nifong. Hope you're enjoying your sigh of relief, others (see "establishment" above) to whom it applies. You're tainted, nonetheless, and deservedly so.