Wednesday, January 31, 2007


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Nice to know the evil, hegemonistic United States isn't the only nation in the world with an immigration problem. Here, China has one, too.

Except it seems China's problem isn't keeping people out. It's the old Soviet problem of keeping its own miserable, repressed minorities in.

75 Tibetans ... were making their way over a 19,000-foot-high Himalayan pass on Sept. 30 when Chinese border guards opened fire, killing a 25-year-old Buddhist nun and another person.

The incident was filmed by a mountaineering expedition and broadcast by a Romanian television station, prompting an international outcry.

And, if this boy's story is right, they were tortured afterward.

No doubt the Romanians were really an evil, hegemonistic contingent from "Faux News," though. No doubt the boy is a Rove plant. No doubt this will be said by the people who eagerly look forward to the rising star of Internet-loving, anti-genocide, satellite-enabling, pacifist, non-dictator-coddling China replacing the evil hegemonistic United States, and whose European and Pacific Rim governments are falling over themselves to cut trade deals with and sell high technology to Beijing.

China, since it is not evil, hegemonistic America, can be relied on to tell the truth:

Shortly after the shooting, the Chinese government, in a statement that appeared to describe the same incident, said its border forces killed one person when they clashed with some 70 people trying to leave the country illegally. It said a second person died later. But it said Chinese forces were attacked and acted in self-defense.

Yes, the nuns can lay down a withering crossfire, can't they? Not since Alexander Haig ... and of course his foolish blunder was roundly mocked by the same self-procliamed anti-imperialists who can't seem to get "no blood for oil" out of their mouths long enough to have a word to say about this.

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