Thursday, February 01, 2007


[posted by Callimachus]

So, let's say you're one of the Americans who just flat out thinks the Iraq war is wrong, unjust, illegal, lost, or some combination of all four, and that George W. Bush's proposal for what to do next is just hopelessly wrong-headed.

How do you feel about a Congressional resolution that opposes Bush's plan rhetorically, but explicitly takes off the table the one ironclad check on presidential war powers the Congress still holds?

In a deal struck last night, there will be only one resolution on the Senate floor, rather than two competing ones. It's basically the resolution Virginia Republican John Warner crafted, with some language that sets benchmarks for progress in Iraq and vows that funds won't be cut off for troops in the field.

If I were on that side I'd call it chickenshit legislation. And, I might add, when all's said and done what have you got except a cover for your ass that, incidentally, offers rhetorical cover for the jihadis and the Iranian provocateurs in Iraq?

Just as someone who happens to believe in the Constitution, no matter how far we've drifted from it, I have to ask, "Are you serious about being a Senate, or not?"

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