Sunday, February 11, 2007

Your Action Needed For Choudhury

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In our mailbox, from Rabbi Sue Levy (I have changed case to eliminate blocks of caps):
House Resolution #64 in support of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury will be considered in the House Foreign Affairs Committee this week. The good news: The resolution has sixteen co-signers and is assured of passage on the House floor with a large majority.

The bad news: In order to move the resolution out of committee, there must be ten co-signers who are actually members of the Foreign Affairs Committee. At this time, we have only three, and we have only two business days to accomplish this. (We were only given two days notice that the resolution would be on the agenda for this week.) All the co-signers must be onboard by Tuesday afternoon.

The ACJ and the Simon Wiesenthal Center will focus on contacting the committee members in California.

I am listing the committee members whose co-sponsorship is needed below. To make this easier for you, they are listed by states.

1. Please call a member in your state or one of those with asterisks beside their names. The phone number for the house of representatives is: 202- 224- 3121.

2. Discussion points: Salah Uddin Shoiab Choudhury, moderate Muslim journalist, on trial now for sedition and treason for publishing a newspaper which supports israel - only one in islamic world, for promoting interfaith understanding and for writing about the danger of radical islam. Subject to death penalty. No jury. No defense witnesses permitted. Resolution asks to drop charges. European union has already passed a similar resolution. This is a bipartisan resolution.

3. When you reach a staff person in a congressional office, ask them to call you back the same day to say whether the representative will co-sponsor.

3. Tell that individual to be in touch with Jeff Phillips in the office of Rep. Mark Kirk, 202-225-4835, who is the point person for this resolution.

4. Let me know who you have called and the response.

5. Please forward this post to anyone who might be helpful.


*Arkansas: John Borman
Arizona: Jeff Flake, Gabrielle Giffords

California: Howard Berman, Brad Sherman, Dana Rohrbacher, Elton Gallegher, Edward Royce, Diane Watson, Lynn Woolsey, Linda Sanchez, Jim Costa

Colorado: Thomas Tancredo

Florida: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Connie Mack, Robert Wexler, Ron Klein

*Georgia: David Scott

Illinois: Donald Manzullo

Indiana: Dan Burton, Mike Pence

Massachusetts: Bill Delahunt

*Missouri: Russ Carnahan

*Nebraska: Jeff Fortenberry

New Jersey: Christopher Smith, Donald Payne, Albio Sires

New York:
*Gary Ackerman, Chairman, Subcommittee on Middle East and South Asia
Elliot Engle, *Gregory Meeks

*North Carolina: Brad Miller

*Ohio: Steven Chabot

Oregon: David Wu

*South Carolina: Joe Wilson, J. Gresham Barrett, Bob Inglis

*Tennessee: John Tanner

*Texas: Ruben Hinojosa, Ted Poe, Ron Paul, Michael Mc Call

Virginia: Jo Ann Davis

Washington: Adam Smith
Please do what you can, and note the deadline for signatories (Tuesday afternoon).

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