Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lady Oral of Sip [Link Fixed]

[Posted by reader_iam]

In other words, [Happy] April Fool's Day.

In honor of the day, I've been playing with that anagram generator, in search of a new pseudonym. Out of 320 possibilities, I've winnowed it down to the following: A Media Err, A Dream Ire, A Dear Rime, A Dram Eire, A Rare Dime, A Rare Diem, A Mira Deer, A Mira Reed, Dram E'er I, Dearie Ram, Media Rear and Dear Marie. Which fits best, do you think?

Here are a handful of the 33,975 anagrams generated by Done With Mirrors: Who'd Merit Iron, I'd Hire Norm Two, I'd Whore I'm Torn, I'd Write Oh Morn, and I'd Wire Hot Norm. What do you think, Cal? Wanna rename your blog?

The rest of you: Anagram yourselves, and share the best.

Thanks to XWL for telling me my link was broken. I think that his choice of anagram generator might be the better one!

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