Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Otter Love

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Internet Ronin is right: You need to watch this one to the end, which is the sweetest part.

How odd that IR's post was the first one I looked at right after a bit of a pet crisis just a bit ago. I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen, including wiping out a pan of solidified bacon grease with some paper towel, which I then tossed into a trash bag I was getting ready to take outside. As I washed some pans, our younger pug starting barking insanely and scratching wildly at my leg. Annoyed, I turned around to see that our older pug had toppled over on his side and had his tongue out, wheezing (though you couldn't hear that 'til you got closer), and his eyes were rolling up.

I had no idea that a) I could still fly across a room that fast and b) that I still remembered the techniques I'd learned in that infant CPR/First Aid class I took back when I was pregnant in '99-00. Well, I didn't remember them exactly, but when it was over I realized they were what I'd reached back to, out of some sort of instinct. Are the baby techniques even supposed to be used on dogs? Well, pugs aren't very big (our older one is around 20 pounds), and it worked.

Oh, man, that was scary. You'd think it was August, my shirt got that soaked in places out of fear. And shame on me for not taking that trash bag out, straight away. Our older dog can be a trash hound, and he's also been known to swallow improbable things on occasion, even when they're not soaked in bacon grease.

Here's the Hero of the Night at our house:

Galileo Copernicus

Gally, your older "brother" and I salute you, and your loving nature.

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